Distressed Rugs

Distressed rugs are vintage overdyed rugs which have undergone an additional step of distressing to create a more modern overtone. Distressed rugs’ original patterns play a subtle role and a coloring process is used to highlight the unique fading patterns of the rug.

Overdyed Rugs

Selected for their patterns, overdyed vintage rugs are vintage pieces which retain their original visual structure. Our artisan partners use dye to update a faded or outdated color scheme to a more monotone, on-trend palette, reviving durable Turkish hand-knotted pieces into freshly-overdyed area rugs.

The Panel Rugs

The Materials
Spun from a custom blend of the softest, strongest wool we could find—a mix of Sardinian, New Zealand, and Afghan wool.

The Design
Inspired by the rugs of nomadic tribes, who, limited by the size of their loom, would weave long narrow panels and join them together.

The Factory
Our factory partner is a generations-old weaving house in Northern India. They helped us obsess over every detail and experiment with traditional techniques.